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Explosives and Metal Detection Systems

Our experience in the industry enables us to provide distinctive solutions for weapons, metal, explosives and narcotics detection using Walk-Through Metal Detectors and X-Ray Luggage Scanners.

Our range of Walk through Metal Detectors with high levels of discrimination are able to differentiate between weapons and personal metal objects such as keys, coins, belt buckles, money clips, etc. Our X-Ray Luggage scanners are capable of detecting suspicious organic and inorganic items such as weapons, explosives, and narcotics. For Explosives and Narcotics Detection, our equipment are equipped with trace detectors that analyze trace ions to determine if a person or object has been exposed to either explosives or narcotics.

Our range of quality X-Ray Luggage scanners and Walk through metal Detectors are suitable for indoor or outdoor installations, ensure a 100% duty cycle with extremely high levels of immunity to external interference, and conform to the relevant industry standards for Electrical Safety and Electromagnetic Compatibility.