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Video Surveillance Systems

Video Surveillance systems can be Analogue CCTV Systems or IP CCTV Systems. Each of these systems can be used appropriately as needed, with both having their place. It is also possible to have the best of both solutions via a Hybrid System, enjoying the advantages of lower cost of analogue systems and numerous improvements in data storage, transmission, event recognition etc. offered by an IP system.

AUA Industria collaborates with organizations to understand their needs and to develop long-term strategies for CCTV Surveillance, whether the aim is continuing improvement or to design new system architectures. Whether IP CCTV, Analogue CCTV, or a Hybrid System, you do not need to discard your investment. We allow you to enjoy the benefits of innovation in all CCTV Solutions.

We have partnered with several leading video surveillance equipment manufacturers such as Bosch, Dallmeier, Axis etc. to offer outstanding quality, industry leading warranty periods and technological innovation that meets almost any technical specification and budget.

We have the ability to supply and install virtually any type of observation system. This includes capacity to meet the most demanding requirements in almost every industry segment across the region: from government offices and airports to remote surveillance of cell-towers and Automatic Banking Machines.