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Time & Attendance Systems

Time Attendance Systems work well in tandem with Access Control Systems for the simple reason that the latter can accurately (if configured correctly) record the movements of personnel in and out of the controlled area. With increased use of the biometrics and card readers, automating time and attendance for your organization has never been easier or more affordable.

AUA Industria offers open ended and customizable Time and Attendance systems that will allow you easy and efficient control of attendance and punctuality of all employees in your company. Our solutions can seamlessly integrate with a wide range of HR and Payroll management systems and could be used by management to generate a wide range of reports such as:

  • Work Hour Calculation – covers elements such as daily working schedule configuration and overtime calculation.
  • Holiday and Leave Management – here management can configure the access controls to reflect holiday schedules by users or groups.
  • Shift Management – used for daily and weekly scheduling
  • In/Out board – allows management to have real-time monitoring of time and attendance events.
  • Reporting – enables creation of daily or individual summary reports that can be exported in a variety of common file formats such CSV or PDF.