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Regional Training & Education

Security is not merely a product. Total security is a solution that incorporates use of physical devices, implementation of relevant company security policies and continual training of staff. Staff training is necessary because security needs are ever evolving as criminals discover ways to breach the existing systems and as security manufacturers and practitioners also come up with new ways to counter these security breaches. Also as technology advances more security products come feature-rich yet many customers do not take advantage of these features. These factors have led to increase in demand for instructor-led training.

Using our deep experience in supplying, installing and commissioning of a wide range of security systems within the region, we have developed training solutions to help clients keep abreast of the changing security vulnerabilities and ways to mitigate them. We also train our customers on how to optimize on the security solutions that they have already installed. We do this at our learning centre

AUA Learning Centre

Our state-of-the-art learning centre caters for the training of End Users for all the security systems that we commission. All our clients benefit from continued training under a scheduled system that follows a training calendar. This way we ensure that End Users are exposed to the right knowledge at the right time. Our training aims at empowering clients to be efficient and effective in using the security systems as well as to perform basic troubleshooting in-house. We also offer customized training on client request such as two-day, one-day, full-day or half-day crash courses and on-client’s-site training.

Over the years we found that most of the problems that arise after the security systems have been commissioned are due to wrong usage and/or meddling of the system by untrained staff. For this reason we strongly recommend that our clients sign up for the training programs as part of our sales package. For some products we only offer support to clients whose staff have attained the requisite level of training from us.