Intrusion Detection

Intrusion Detection, in its simplest form, is the process of recognizing objects or individuals in an area where — at a particular moment in time — they should not be located. Traditional intrusion detection systems focused on preventing infiltrations. However, today it is essential for such systems to monitor not only external events but internal events as well. This basically means that an effective intrusion detection system, today, should provide capabilities to detect both external and internal incursions.

At AUA we have solutions that go beyond conventional alarm systems to encompass Electrified Perimeter Fencing, Perimeter Lighting Equipment, Outdoor Motion Detection systems (including Beam Detection Systems), Guard Touring and Management Systems, Apartment/Multi-residential panic systems and Wireless Alert solutions. Furthermore, our intrusion detection systems are compatible with most Emergency Response Systems in Kenya, allowing for seamless connectivity to your preferred Emergency Response Provider.         

In line with industry best practice that recommends a layered approach to security, AUA provides the option of supplying, installing and integrating Intrusion Detection Systems with other security systems such as Video Surveillance and Fire Detection.

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