Access Control

In any given facility, there are multiple openings to secure, varied layers of clearance to enforce as per people’s roles, and a long list of other factors, which play a role in dictating the most effective way to control access within your organization, without compromising security. At AUA Industria, we provide you with the ability to control who enters and when, ensuring that only the correct persons have access to the right resources at the right time.

We supply and install access control systems enforcing single or multifactor authentication mechanisms, using PIN, Card, Biometric Credentials, or a combination of authentication modes. Our broad variety of biometric solutions ranges from fingerprint to palm pattern to iris scanning to facial recognition to multi-biometric combination. We work with clients in order to identify which biometric solution best fits their needs with regards to: Accuracy, Infrastructure, Convenience, Invasiveness, Environment, Multi-modal applications and User Demographics.

AUA Industria offers three tiers of access control solutions depending on the client’s security needs and scale of operations: Enterprise Solutions, Light Industry Solutions, and Small Business Solutions. Enterprise Solutions are for the vertical market, targeting large organizations that have multiple sites and employees distributed across different regions. With our enterprise Access Control solutions, each site can be autonomous while maintaining centralized access control management at Head Offices. Light industry targets organizations that need basic entry and/or exit controls without the need for extensive reporting.

For control points, the typical physical barriers used are doors, turnstiles, speed gates, and bollards. We have partnered with some of the leading manufacturers of physical access control products globally such as Lenel, Suprema, NEC, CAME and Turnstar to enable us meet any of our clients’ access control needs.


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