Retail Analytics

V-Count is a leading retail analytics platform with a global presence in over 80 countries.

The platform delivers precise visitor intelligence that can measure everything from retailers’ traffic, conversion rates, average basket sizes, average dwell time, retention rate and other metrics which can help retailers make better business decisions and increase sales substantially.

Using V-Count, businesses can establish fully data-driven marketing and operation strategies by drawing on dynamic analytics that include:

    1. Street-to-store conversion rate and tracking the effectiveness of marketing campaigns on passers by.
    2. Visitor traffic trends, including discovering peak hours and using staff elimination technology to generate ‘pure’ visitor data and optimize staff operations during peak hours.
    3. In-store analytics that help in understanding which products engage customers inside the store and how different components translate to buying decisions.
    4. Real-time queue management and tracking to help take immediate action in reducing the amount of time customers spend in queues.
    5. Retention rate, drawn from the number of returning customers to determine which product lines create the most demand.
    6. Cross shopping data to discover the repeating customer base across stores and analyzing which stores are losing potential customers and why.

V-Count Cloud Software enables retail data access from one platform, anywhere, at any time. Its automated email notification system delivers automated emails at the end of each day summarizing the people counting results.

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